Security for the transport of your pharma, medication and healthcare products

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Security for your prescription pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter medication and healthcare products
LTL medical and pharmaceutical (pharma) transportation – Toronto, Montreal

Safety & Security

Compliance delivers safety and security

Over four decades of experience in the high-value/high-security pharmaceutical industry has given us the advantage in providing a superior level of security for your prescription pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter medication, healthcare and other personal care products like shampoos and cosmetics.

In addition to our thorough security procedures including 24/7 tracking, chain-of-signature, in depth driver recruitment protocols and the convenience of pull up reports THD is in compliance with the current Good Manufacturing Policies as defined by Health Canada (GUI-0069: Guidelines for Temperature Control of Drug Products during Storage and Transportation), as well as being a member in good standing of the CSST Prevention Mutual (see our certification). THD has also implemented an internal verification process to maintain a higher standard for our pharmaceutical carrying trailers and vans.

On-Site Security

On site security is one of the most important areas for healthcare transportation. We ensure your on-site protection with cutting edge technology including alarm and camera systems, security patrol, fire prevention system, pest control and restricted access to secure areas of the building. Our warehouse is under constant surveillance by a temperature control unit, which immediately notifies the various stakeholders if the ambient temperature does not correspond to the parameters set between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius.

Meticulous equipment

For the sake of safety, efficiency and to minimize the risk of failure and various other contingencies in our service, our units are meticulously maintained, undergoing daily and periodic inspections. To ensure our equipment remains meticulous, we renew our fleet on a regular basis. We also enforce a rigorous process of validation and calibration of the sensors in trucks and trailers with refrigerated units.

Health and Safety programs

Prevention and the health and safety of our employees are priorities at THD. We have developed and implemented strict procedures to ensure each employee has a role to play to avoid injury and enjoy a healthy and safe workplace. Initiatives such as CSST, as well as our prevention program in accordance with the LSST, ensure safety in the workplace. Every year, our prevention program is updated and applied.

Personnel Background checks

Selecting the right workforce is essential to delivering the THD superior level of service. We ensure a thorough background check and validation for all employees. All of our drivers must comply to specific requirements including validation of references, passing a driving test, background criminal record check and obtain proof of absence of criminal record, driving record check and confirmation with SAAQ on the validity of a driver’s license.

“We ensure your on-site protection with cutting edge technology.”

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