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LTL medical and pharmaceutical (pharma) transportation – Toronto, Montreal


Leading edge technology and innovation

THD is constantly developing new innovative projects including a computer system designed to improve the daily efficiency and quality of your transportation.

Our system is dedicated to helping manage the optimal delivery of your productsby evaluating the routes used and the constraints of delivery in an effort to minimize your travel time and maximize the use of equipment. It also allows real-time shipment monitoring, electronic signature capture, delivery issue reporting and notification, automatic generation of management reports as well as allow our drivers to use a ( ES400 ) by Symbol-Motorola®. This compact and sophisticated device allows   the drivers to transmit real-time data pertaining to each shipment.

Our communications system is integrated into TruckMate®  as well as our ERP, which we use to manage all company resources.

Benefits of THD technology:

  • Dedicated and fully integrated computer system
  • Route evaluation software
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Issue reporting and notification
  • Automatic report generation
  • Continuous and real-time temperature control
  • Two sensors each connected to two separate real-time systems
  • Data available for up to one year after the date of delivery
  • Stringent validation and calibration process

“Our system is dedicated to helping manage the optimal delivery of your products.”

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